Welcome to the Shanan Community

We are a community of Christian home school families who are in agreement with the statement of faith outlined in the attachment below. Members reside in Williamson County and the surrounding area. We encourage you to explore our programs and contact us if you feel the Lord leading you to possibly join our community. Please note that there are two facets to our group, the support group and the children's cooperative program. A brief overview of each program is below.

Shanan Community Support Group

The Shanan Community Support Group offers field trips, group educational outings, family events, seasonal parties, park days, monthly moms' meetings and much more.

Membership is open to Christian home-schooling families who are in agreement with Shanan's statement of faith. Regular participation in community events is expected. Cost of membership is $15 per year.

If you are interested in joining the community, please email Kayla Jarmon at maranathalady@comcast.net for instructions.

Shanan Community Co-op

The Shanan Community Co-op Program accepts applications from home school families who are in agreement with Shanan's statement of faith and who want to supplement their children's home education in grades K-12. (Classes for younger siblings are also available.)

We will begin meeting at Conduit Church on Lewisburg Pike on Mondays (9:45-3:00) for 30 weeks from August 22 – May 1.

As a true co-op program, parents are the teachers, and moms from each family must participate by teaching each week and remaining on campus during the co-op day. Tuition costs are $40 per year per child. An additional supplies fee of $50/child is required for each student enrolled in any middle or high school course. Space is limited. If accepted into SC Co-op your family automatically becomes a member of Shanan Community Support Group.

Registration Contact: Kelly Savage at kellysavage@comcast.net